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Product intelligence enables the teams making the strategies, building the product, and deciding what's next with the data and automate the move they need.

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Our platform brings together data, insights, and actions to help the top teams retain more customers and support sustainable, long-term product growth.


Teams get the markering trending they need in real-time, allowing them to learn—and ship—faster than ever before.


AI-enabled analytics uncovers answers, trends, correlations, and new questions that help teams make better decisions.


With easy ways to access, share and organize campaign, your team will make better decisions and win the campaign.

Marketing Automation

Our software platforms and technologies designed for online digital marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks. 

Self-Service Campaign Center

See every campaign path, no matter how simple or how complex, to understand the context and result behind every action.

Smart API

App Insight API allows you to easily manage campaigns and integrations with services across your Growth, Product, and Marketing stack. By tracking campaigns and marketing trends via App Insight’s API, you can automation your marketing analytics/marketing platforms, with minimal instrumentation code. They offer support for most platforms, including Java, C#, Node.js, PHP, and more.

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We have helped hundreds of business in user acquisition, financing, performance tracking, ASO learning, campaign monitoring and much more. Big or small, let's talk about your goal!

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What they say

Khaled Kokah
Khaled KokahFounder @Kokah Gaming Studio
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I am simply amazed by their work! My studio spent 3 month developing a horse racing game. We barely had any downloads in the first couple of months, me and my team struggled a lot.

I then met Shawn in the Melbourne Gaming Exhibition, he told me about his business and the possibility of solving my issues. He pointed out some drawbacks of my game's metadata, including title, subtitle, screenshots and keyword coverage, and made a detailed plan from A-Z to optimise its visibility. My game went from 26 downloads in 2 months to 26,080 downloads in 3 weeks!! Moreover, the profit generated from my game went skyrocket!

Now me and my studio are confident enough to keep on working on our games! Thanks Shawn!
James Shaw
James ShawGeneral Manager @Tongfu Pty Ltd
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My game Poker Queen game has generated 10 times revenue since I am there with Appvocado!

My game was doing all right before, we got around 50-100 new users per day. However, comparing to what we spent on developing the game, this amount of users are not satisfying.

I found Appvocado from a friend referral, Shawn was very knowledgable about ASO, ASM and made a detail plan on how to acquire more users for my game. He pointed the pain point of my game pretty straight forward: lack of high quality reviews. After a week's boosting of reviews, daily new user number increased to 300!

With a continuous boosting of reviews and keyword ranking, my game now is generating 10 times revenue than before!
Johnny Alade
Johnny AladeMarketing Manager @Xiangwushuo
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After ranking my app on a couple of high search volume keywords with Appvocado, my organic traffic grew from around 300 to 1,500 per day at the end of the campaign. I mean, from incentive traffic to organic traffic, who would've thought of such a fast and stable method of growing an App. They are really the gurus of app marketing and optimisation.
Frank YD.
Frank YD.Founder @Happy Panda Studio
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My game was called Match3: Element of Hero, after several months of hard developing of this game, our studio was looking for some big return. However, with all the marketing expenses on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, the return was pretty small.

After consulting with Appvocado, we realised that we missed the giant market of AppStore and Google Play Store's native ads. So, they help us put some high search volume keywords in our title, subtitle and descriptions. Afterwards, they ranked these keywords so my app has a higher exposure rate. For the keyword "Match 3", my App appears in top 3 in UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany AppStore, which brought me 1,000+ new players everyday! Really incredible work from them!

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